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UK / Euro Trucker with 30+ years experience.
Founder and web-designer of

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I designed UK-Truckers for
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Euro - Berty:

Alan at UK-Truckers
You can call me Al.

I just wanted to give fellow truck drivers
a dedicated place on-line for all truckers,
built around you and your trucking world.

Just 100% Trucks - Not an advert in sight!
with member links to interesting trucky stuff.

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Founder - Alan Reynolds
"Berty" - Keep on Trucking -

A Very Warm Welcome
To Truckers & Commercial Drivers:

Thank You for visiting this page.
My name is Alan, but known to many in the
transport & trucking world as "Euro-Berty"

Driving has been a big part of my adult life,
the roots of which I owe to my Dear father,
who would often let me drive the family car
(wolseley 16-50) from about the age of eleven.

Aged twelve, obtained my 1st machine, a 50cc
motobecane moped, followed a year later by a
Lambretta Li-150 which seemed a very huge
and powerful machine at the age of thirteen.

Next working for the local Farmer driving
Fordson Major's and two ex-military WW.II
U.S. Ford 4x4 tippers for grain & manure !

Here I gained a lot of practical knowledge,
driving skills and a very strong scene of trust,
under the watchful eye of this friendly farmer.

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Another big influence was skiving the last years of school to go trucking with my Uncle Dave (Drewitt)
who was working for M.S White, driving A.E.C. 760 Mandator units, a Leyland Comet and a new Volvo
F86 6x2 flatbed, later he drove for Laser Tsp (Kent) who ran a small fleet of MAN 19-232's & 240's
and a Volvo F88 290hp, most of which I got of drive of. (via off road, in docks & goods yards etc..)

Acting as the truck driver's mate at just fifteen.
Learning to rope and sheet loads and connecting up
units to trailers, getting them ready to hit the road,
And making hot mugs of tea on the engine cover.

I ventured with my Uncle Dave all over
the UK and as far away as Southern Germany.

"So" That was it! I was basicly hooked.
All I wanted to do when I left school
was to drive big wagons (T.I.R. Lorries)

Man 19.232
Laser Tsp - MAN 19-232 - R reg.

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After several boring jobs, my uncle managed to
get me a job with Laser Tsp as a yardsman,
which involed all duties from loading to washing
trucks, fork-lift driving and being the yard shunter.

Always eger to drop & swap drivers trailers for
them while they had a quick pee 'n' coffee break.

Eventually I had to pay £625 for my own HGV
lessons, passing my class 1 test in april 82.

Volvo F88 290hp
F88 - My first Artic in 1982

I trucked around europe as a freelancer, subbing for several local firms and family companies,
and in most cases, you didn't know what the next load would be, nor where it would be taking you!

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Most of my work has been with Artics, also a few 16 & 28ton rigids and many demonstrators/hired vehicles too.

Taking full charge of a truck is quite a good feeling indeed,
don't get me wrong, I've had my fair share of old bone-shakers too!
from 111's & F88/9's to todays FH12/16's, Megaspace's & Magnum's etc etc.

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truck crashes off mountain
A Nasty end for a 143m V8 Scania:

Get advice for the road ahead:
truck crash map
Ask Your Professional Colleagues:

Being a Professional Truck Driver:

Just like a push-biker, if you ever allow things
to start getting out of control the end result is
likely to be a very painful one indeed...

All long distance drivers will have experienced a
vehicle runaway or being on the point of no return
due to over speed, bad road conditions or fatigue,
for the less-fortunate of us it spells out disaster.

This inexperienced driver survived this crash in the Alps
by jumping from his cab before it hit the hair-pin bend
at Courmayeur, on the 21km long decent down to Aosta.
A fool to use brakes instead of the engine's exhauster.

Unaware of the road ahead not knowing of the constant
gradient probably suffered brake fade, his truck then
became a roller coaster, a runaway out of control, he
may of been fighting to slow down for several miles
before arriving at this 25mph max hair-pin corner.

No formal training could of helped! Only Driver to
Driver advice warnings and guidance would of seen
Him safe, knowledge and experience is invaluable.

french farmers strike
The French know how to Strike:

What is around the next corner?

That's the odd thing about
trucking the open road and
not knowing what's coming
as your working your way
through the busy weeks.

I admire the French for their
special comradery as a group.
Seen here controlling a highway

Here I was politely asked to
park-up for ten minutes and
join them for a coffee and a
chatter about the EEC REGS.

swiss strike
Stuck in Swiss for a 2 day Strike

As I speak basic french I willingly took up their offer of a coffee
and took part in their discussions, also complaining to them about
the new rules being applied to the commercial drivers, to which we
all seemed to agree on. I shook hands with everyone and left with a
whole box of farm produce, eggs yogurts cheeses jam a bread stick
and a carton of UHT milk, it was well worth listening to their cause.
- Merci Beaucoup les fermier Français -

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