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This site was made for You Fellow Truckers
This is really Your web site!

Here proud members can have their own personal Truckers page just like this one,
showing your trucking history and a gallery of pictures which hopefully includes some
great trucks & trucking photos too! which when clicked forms your image slideshow.
(test out the truck gallery slideshow below)

Targeting Professional Drivers is our main aim and reason for this site, providing a web
platform and community for the independent Truck Driver, also a members social networking
area for connecting with friends & contacts, via a member to member notification system.

UK-TRUCKERS also invites other interesting trucky memberships which include:-

Classic Truck Owners & Clubs - Model Truck enthusiasts & Clubs
Truck Events & Shows - Truck Artists & Photographers
& our friends the Truck Spotters.

Truck related traders are welcome to join us, this is more so for the Owner Driver or
Long distance driver, who have to fend for themselves whilst on a long trip away.
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