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At Purfleet styles

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The Open Road Gallery:

John Bywater TSP:


Leaning into the corner
on Whitfield round-about
hauling a Nagel fridge.

Photo by
John Bywater TSP
John Bywater TSP:

FH12 480hp. 6x2

London bound on A2
Jim on name plate.

A well presented truck
and fridge trailer.
We like your lorry Jim:

Photo by
Quickmission FH12 480hp
Quickmission FH12:
John Reeves Plant:

FH12 6x4.

Based at Eastry Kent.
A heavy looking rig with
an excavator on the step
& tipper as piggy-back
to save on fuel.

Driver gives a cheery wave
and a blast on horns.

Photo by
John Reeves
J Reeves Low-Loader:
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Jon Waddoups:


Based: Sutton in Ashfield
This DAF has many extra's.

Two banks of spot lamps,
lower bar with side markers

Twin double roof mounted
extremely loud air-horns
Driver flashes and blasts horn.
Photo by
Jon Waddoups Artic lorry
Jon Waddoups:
Little Scanny Big Scanny:

Salvatori v.s Ready Mix.

Mr ready mix's 340 Scania
easily passes Salvatori's 450
due to a full load
of concrete railway sleepers.

Two different Scania's
Two forms of concrete.

Photo by
Little Scanny Big Scanny
Salvatori v.s Ready Mix:
C Riddell MAN:

Based Irvine Scotland.

Taking the high road
out of Kent (A2)

Good looking machine

Photo by
c riddell tsp scotland
C Riddell MAN 6x2:
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Brett Volvo FM:

Based in Kent..

8 wheeler with roll-a-sheet.

Brett's tippers are always
kept spotlessly clean.

Photo by
brett tipper lorry
Brett Volvo FM:
JH Haulage:

44ton heavy tipper.

DAF CF 6x2
Seen here running light
with both tag axles

Photo by
JH Haulage
DAF CF 6x2:
NRC Plant:

Merc Actros 6x2.

A very busy machine indeed.
Hiab crane behind the cab,
not sure if a slide bed?
complete with tri-axle
Trailer hauling a huge
360° machine excavator.

How's that for Busy!!
Photo by
Merc Actros 6x2
Merc Actros 6x2:
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Scania R620:

Special Paintwork.

Airbrush Artist un-known.
C.J. Haynes & Sons
Milton Keynes.

Photo by Trucker Jos.
Scania R620
Haynes - Scania R620:
Volvo FH 600:

Special Paintwork.

Airbrush Artist un-known.

Photo by Trucker Jos.
Fab Airbrush Artwork:

Special Paintwork.

Airbrush Artist un-known.

Photo by Trucker Jos.
truck paint job
Special Paintwork:
Super Tipper:

C Doyle & Sons.

A sexy 8 wheeled Scania
This wagon has got it all!

Light bars and front fender
Custom paint-job
Fab cab interior

Photo by Trucker Jos.
A Super Tipper Lorry
A Sexy Scania:
Super Tipper:

C Doyle & Sons.

A sexy 8 wheeled Scania

Great paintwork
and interior spec.

Photo by Trucker Jos.
A Dream 8 Wheeler
A Dream 8 Legger:
Super Tipper:

C Doyle & Sons.

A full house!

From carpet to ceiling
totally kitted out
and colour coded.

Photo by Trucker Jos.
truck interior design
Scania Interior Trim:
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Volvo FH12 520:

Taft International.

Two miles from Dover
Docks on Jubilee Way hill.

Company based
at Manston Airport
in Kent.

A Very Nice Machine
Photo = Euro - Berty.
Volvo FH12 520
Taft - Volvo FH12 520:
Mercedes Actros:

Norbert Dentressangle
France (F).
(RO) Romanian Plated
Seen here parked on pavement.

I don't blame this Chauffeur
as parking around Dover
for Trucks is Crap.

I Blame the Local Council.
hiab lift truck
Lack of truck parking in Dover:
A Pulling Match:

Trucks Overtaking Trucks.

The Heavyweights
start the long drag
up Hall Rd out of Dover
which climbs from
sea level to 375 feet
in just 2 ½ Miles!

- Go Boy's Go -
Trucks Overtaking Trucks
Trucks Overtaking Ahead!
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My 1st Truck:

Staples - Lincs.

Jos's first truck

We thank Joss
for all his support.

Supplying photos & ideas
for this web-site...
Jos's frist truck
Joss's first truck:
Drop & Swap:

At Purfleet styles.

Picking up another trailer
from this huge docks
from over a thousands drops.

Photo by Berty

At Purfleet styles
At Purfleet styles:
Hell on the M25:

6.45am and grid-lock.

This is all you need
when on a timed delivery.

Better luck tomorrow maybe.

trafic on the M25
You are going to be a bit Late!:
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Mercedes 2533 6 wheeler::

Sprint Fuels.

Based Kent (UK)
Seen here exiting Dover.

Company supplies road fuels.

Photo = Euro - Berty.
Volvo FH12 520
Sprint Fuels 6x2 Tanker:
Mercedes 18t 4 wheeler:

Jacksons Fencing

A local Kent fencing firm.

This wagon come with it's
own Moffat forklift.

A handy machine indeed.

Photo = Euro - Berty.
truck with its own forklift
Jacksons ridged with forklift:
DAF LF E8-220:


Packaging & Office Supplies
Base unknown (GB)
photo, leaving Dover
curtain sider with tail lift.

Photo = Euro - Berty.
Trucks Overtaking Trucks
Antalis DAF LF
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Catching a ferry at Dover:
Queuing for your ticket.

Most drivers find shipping
a somewhat stressful time!
Do You have a booking?
Is your paperwork correct?
Is the ship on-time?

Once you have boarded the ship
you can relax with a nice
hot meal in the driver lounge.
Catching a ferry at Dover
Getting your ferry ticket:
Trucks boarding a ferry:
Dover Eastern Docks.

Trucks are called from line
to board the ferry minutes
before sailing time.

At busy times, space
on the ferry cardecks
are very tight,
but the ships crew
know how to get everyone
on, guiding drivers
into the tightest of spaces.
Trucks bording a ferry
Trucks boarding a ferry:
The Port Of Dover:

A huge and busy port.
Which ships 2 ½ million
trucks per year +/- !

The real problem is
there are no facilities
or parking for trucks
in the Dover region
or in East Kent "FACT"

Unlike Calais's excellent free
services and parking area's
(Why is this?).
Dover ferry port
A huge and busy port:
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Purfleet Docks. Essex.
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This is a very busy Dock
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for all the 1000's of
Drivers that pass
though it every Day 24/7.

Yer Thanks For Nothing
Purfleet Docks Management.
When every thing that leaves
your docks
goes by Road = Trucks.
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